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Churchill Tips

What do you believe in? The Churchill School respects that every family in our community may answer this question a bit differently. We also know that the Churchill community has a shared belief that inclusion and international mindedness are important components of high-quality education.

We invite you and your family to use the school´s secular festival in December as an opportunity to discuss our community's shared belief in the importance of inclusion and international mindedness. It is also an opportunity to start or continue conversations about the diversity of belief systems and traditions that exist in our community and in the world. Some strategies that may be helpful as you have these conversations include:


  • Spend time with people who have different belief systems (engage in respectful dialogues, learn about traditions, share facts and opinions together, and more)
  • Ask questions and research the answers with your children: Why do some people believe “___?”, Why do some people celebrate “___?”, Why
  • don't some people celebrate “____?", and more
  • When reading books or watching movies that include specific belief systems, ask your children to reflect on how their personal beliefs are similar or different
  • than the person in the book/movie.


Thank you for leading the way at home as you teach your children the shared Churchill belief in inclusion and international mindedness. Our Inclusion Department (ext. 8833) can provide additional resources/strategies to support your family with these and other themes about diversity.