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Admissions process The Churchill School

The admissions process evaluates candidates individually and comprehensively and recognizes the importance of involving the family in the student's educational process.

General Procedure

1.- The school has a waiting list to consider the candidate's registration for the consecutive school year beginning on the first business day of September. The registration form is published on the school website.
a) We are open to receiving applications for those interested in entering during the current school year, subject to availability.
b) The monitoring and information related to the admissions process will be given only to the parents of the students on the waiting list.

2.- Once the registration has been made, the admissions area will send an invitation to the next informative talk.

3.- If we have spaces available, the interested family will be contacted according to their list number and the process will be carried out according to the corresponding section, which is detailed in the informative talks.

4.- Once the admissions process is successfully completed: entrance examination (if applicable), visit and family interview, the administrative procedure will be carried out, which includes a signed contract by the parents or guardians, a mobility agreement, and payment of registration and educational services fees.

5.- The candidates who have priority, and are also subject to availability, are siblings of enrolled students and children of employees of The Churchill School & College.

6.- The waiting list is valid until August 31, and each incomplete registration must be renewed annually as this process is not carried out automatically.