Bilingual Communicators

Setting the milestones so students are able to communicate naturally in both languages is one of the main focuses in Preschool.

In Maternal, we start developing the fundamental skills so learners consolidate their first language during their whole Preschool education. These skills provide the foundation to sequentially introducing a second language (English) at an early age.

Thereafter, the consolidation of English is developed alongside Spanish, through constant and meaningful exposure. This is achieved through the implementation of a well-designed combination of national (SEP) and international programmes (PYP & Cambridge) that promote cross-curricular learning.

In Pre-First, at 6 years of age, children experience a year of English immersion where they are able to confidently express themselves orally and in writing as they prepare to start Primary with better tools and skills both in English and in Spanish.

As a brother school to the Anglo Mexican Foundation, The Churchill School seeks excellence in the teaching of the English language.