Student Profile

The Churchill College community is committed to living the IB Learner Profile and work actively to develop those attributes.  This means that students who have completed their Bachillerato as part of our community are independent young leaders who are well prepared to be successful at University or any alternative path they may choose to follow.

Churchill College students are:

Independent learners with a broad grounding in a variety of subjects across the sciences, humanities and arts.  They are able to make connections and transfer their knowledge and understanding across disciplines in order to solve complex problems.

Intellectually curious and continually questioning the world around them in the search for answers. They are genuinely interested in developing knowledge and understanding of other cultures and people that goes beyond what can be read in a book.

Skilled communicators capable of effectively conveying their ideas in a variety of media to a range of audiences.  They understand that listening is just as important as speaking, and are  concerned with investigating and reviewing different viewpoints before trying to reach their own conclusions.

Prepared to take risks both academic and personal.  Churchill College graduates understand that sometimes the road less travelled is the one that offers the most interesting journey.  They are not afraid of making mistakes; they understand that this is the way to significant learning.